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For over 100 years we have been working with passion and professionalism in the field of interior doors, initially as a manufacturer of doors, gates and then as distributors of the leading Italian brands and installers thanks to a highly qualified staff.

The door can be defined as the architectural element that allows the passage, and then the separation between two different environments in the same house and plays a fundamental role in the internal architecture of an apartment, but can also constitute that element which allows to define and delimit the access area of a house (entrance doors) or building (entrance gates).

Over the years the role of the door has evolved from a simple architectural element with precise functionality and a defined design element that plays a fundamental role in furnishing the rooms and often contributes directly to improve the aesthetic side of the premises in which it is installed.

Originally made of wood, today doors may be of different materials and in particular can cover different functions such as reinforced doors which, besides ensuring the separation between the outside and the inside, contribute to improve safety.

Porte internePorte internePorte internePorte interne

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