• Interior doors and security doors Doors, key elements of a home, become the main elements of a furnishing with a lot of details.
  • Internal stairs We have a wide choice of interior stairs to connect with taste and elegance.
  • Oak flooring Kahrs oak Parquet, just the right balance between quality and speed of installation, planks to assemble floating or glue at the right price.
  • Doors and windows Fundamental element in a house, the frame in addition to improvinge the indoor environment, the windows contribute to furnish with style and elegance the interiors.

For over 100 years we have been  working with passion and professionalism.

General Wood 2000 LTD, based in Santa Maria C.V. in the Caserta province,  has been operating for many years with competence and professionalism in the sale and installation of  windows, doors for interior, security doors, wooden floors, interior stairs and furniture for the garden and the outside.

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